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Unsung Weavers is a series of one-off coats hand-crafted out of woollen blankets salvaged from Mediterranean villages. Each unique piece is a relic in itself, echoing the long forgotten rituals of rural production while reviving the ancient craft of weaving. Every coat is entirely hand-stitched from a pattern based on utilitarian apparel archetypes, such as the shepherd’s overcoat and monastic jacket.
Unsung Weavers calls for a subtle renewal of lost lifestyles. The blankets in which the pieces are composed date from a time when individual households created their own clothing, with each village containing numerous craftspeople. Unsung Weavers is an homage to this anonymous expert craftsmanship within the blankets. It also honours other synergies that shaped them: the river that washed them, the bright sun that dried them, the Acacia flower that lent its colour.

Traditional village production was dependent on lifecycles, requiring both rainwater and dry periods, in tune with the seasons and natural symbiosis. Through ritualistic processes the wool’s innate properties became animated by earthly divinities, by water and light – before being reanimated by the designer’s hand. Unsung Weavers re-frames historic material metamorphosis, acting like a cape around the timeless collaboration between nature’s human and non-human agents.

Art Direction