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With believe in heartfelt strategy and exquisite visual craft, Nonda and his creative team sets a high value on sustainable experiences. Passionate about detail, the studio offers expertise in various disciplines, graphic design, branding, conceptual creation and art direction.

Epaminondas Coutsicos, designer and artist born 1984 in Zürich, runs his studio since 2016 in Athens and Zürich.

Ongoing projects
Miss Marshall
Unsung Weavers
PiPo Messenger
Top San

Annabelle, Apexa, By Heart, Alex Sadkowsky, COFFEE, Darf Publishers, Edition VFO, Dilettanten und Genies, Filabé, Green Lane, Gül Restoran, Lenos Verlag, Lunear, Miss Marshall,  Projektgalerie, PKZ, Paul Kehl, Rosi, Tamedia, The Florist, Vans, Visualeyes International and many more.

Page Magazine, Qvest Magazine, Schön!, Lürzers Archiv, PetitPoste, Persönlich, Quottom Magazine, thefashionisto, Odalisque Magazine