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One can find streets with workshops for all sorts of interests and crafts in Athens. The fabric is from Greece and the pants are made in Athens. After making the pants and wearing them for a night out, orders were  being placed. Bob and Mick would have probably ordered themselves a pair as well back in the sixties.

HOUSE OF SOLONOS is a wild and curious journey: it is open to ideas, challenges and opportunities of contemporary life in Athens and showcases, gathers and interacts with artists and crafts from various fields to realize visions and ideas. As a symbol of coming together to discuss and debate, HOUSE OF SOLONOS initial project was a table made from marble and iron.

The street Solonos is named after Solon, an Athenian statesman, lawmaker and poet. Solon is remembered particularly for his efforts to legislate against political, economic, and moral decline in archaic Athens.

HOS – Table 1
HOS – Table 2
HOS – Pants
HOS – Marble Podests
HOS – Tea Ship
HOS – Leather Case
HOS – Jump Rope

Athens, 2016-2019