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Gül Restoran In Turkish, «Gül» can mean «rose» but also «laugh» (in second person imperative form).
The central letter Ü – which is both typical for Turkish and Swiss German – is playfully applied in words on social media, on merchandise and other occasions. The custom drawn logo blends Latin letterforms with Arab characteristics. Calligraphy is deeply rooted in turkish - and arab culture and can be often seen turned into visually repetitive patterns. In a similiar way photography is presenting the restaurants  food.
The sans-serif Lars is neutral, universal and leading, offering stability and trust. But then again, the way how Lars in the communication is used doesn’t adhere to the conventions: It stands apart from designs in the proper Swiss style as they can easily be found in Zürich. Further gc16 displays its fragile organic beauty with futuristic and calligraphic features, which take us to an unknown, foreign, (spicy) place.

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