Nonda Coutsicos and his creative network welcome with a fresh and sharp aesthetic approach to explore and bring to life a vivid visual communication.

Nonda is an experienced graphic designer,  artist and photographer who became an art director whilst working in advertising, fashion and corporate branding. For the last two years he has run his own studio in Zürich and Athens. 

Ongoing projects:
Miss Marshall
PiPo Messenger

Annabelle, Apexa, By Heart Marketing, Central Zürich, Alex Sadkowsky, COFFEE Zürich, Darf Publishers, Dilettanten und Genies, Filabé, Freestyle Halle, Green Lane, Gül, Lenos Verlag, Miss Marshall, PiPo Messenger, Projektgalerie, PKZ, Paul Kehl, ROSI, Tamedia, Vans, Visualeyes International and many more.